The Tiki Documentation Suite consists of:

Installation Guide

The Tiki Installation Guide contains information on installing and upgrading Tiki, including tips and hints for specific platforms. Download PDF

Reference Guide

The Tiki Reference Guide includes information on each administration page, tab, and option. These pages contain reference links to detailed procedures and additional information. Links from the Tiki help system link to these pages. Download PDF

User Guide

The Tiki User Guide includes information for users and visitors of Tiki-powered websites. It includes information on the most common tasks, organized by Tiki Feature.

Administrator Guide

Tiki Administrator Guide

Learn More

- Introduction
- Annexes

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Review the Tiki FAQs
for frequently asked questions (and answers).

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- **Tiki 25**
- **Tiki 24** (LTS)
- **Tiki 23**
- **Tiki 22**
- **Tiki 21** (LTS)
- **Tiki 20**
- **Tiki 19**
- **Tiki 18** (LTS)

Older versions

- **Tiki 17**
- **Tiki 16**
- **Tiki 15** (LTS)
- **Tiki 14**
- **Tiki 13**
- **Tiki 12** (LTS)
- **Tiki 11**
- **Tiki 10**
- **Tiki 9** (LTS)
- **Tiki 8**
- **Tiki 7**
- **Tiki 6** (LTS)
- **Tiki 5**
- **Tiki 4**
- **Tiki 3**

Become a Power User

Learn how to

  1. 1\) Download the current release.

  2. 2\) Install or Upgrade your Tiki.

  3. 3\) Configure the features.

  4. 4\) Enjoy your website.

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The Tiki documentation is a constant work in progress — **you** can help create and improve this site.

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The Tiki project is supported by hundreds of developer and you can start contribute and commit your code very quickly.

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The Tiki Community is a member-driven "do-ocracy". To facilitate this approach, we offer support, documentation and tools that we, the Community, maintain for the tiki.org websites as we "eat our own dogfood" to improve and add features to the Tiki code. **Registration is free and open to all, and you are warmly welcomed to join**.

Need Help?

Ask for help
Having problems? Be sure to check the Tiki Documentation, you will find most solutions there. Other places to check:

- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
- Tutorials and Videos
- Tiki Support Forums
- Tiki Service Providers (consultants)
- The Tiki Newsletter

**How to get help with Tiki**

Common topics include:

- Initial Configuration
- Tuning and Performance
- Troubleshooting
- Author resources

Good to know:

- Who does what / Teams
- What do I find where
- Tikicommunity

Looking for help on a specific Tiki feature or topic? Here are the most popular tags:

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